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Welcome to Côr Dyfed Choir

Croeso i Gôr Dyfed

Côr Dyfed Choir is a mixed choir founded in 1967.


The choir is always looking for new singers. If you are interested in joining please contact the Choir Secretary, Hannah Jones hannah@joneslogin.co.uk


Introducing choral music to young people is important to the Choir. Our concerts are free to under 16's and we run a Youth Choral Scholarship Scheme.


Mae Côr Dyfed yn gôr cymysg a ffurfiwyd ym 1967.


Mae’r Côr yn awyddus iawn i groesawu cantorion newydd. Os hoffech chi ymuno, cysylltwch ag ysgrifenyddes y côr.

Hannah Jones hannah@joneslogin.co.uk


Mae’n bwysig i’r côr gylwyno cerddoriaeth gorawl i bobl ifainc. Mae’r cyngherddau am ddim i’r rhai sydd o dan16 oed ac mae cynllun ysgoloriaeth gorawl gyda ni.






Dolennau cyswllt:




The choir was most fortunate to perform Messiah in St Davids Cathedral on December 11th, before all events were cancelled again due to Covid.


Click here for details of the concert.



We hope to continue in 2022 with 2 concerts, in April and July.


Click here for further details.


Luke Spencer has been appointed our new Music Director and we look forward to commencing rehearsals during January, socially distanced and with a limited number of singers. Current regulations allow a maximum of 30 people at an indoor gathering.


If you are a choir member and are in doubt as to what to do, please contact hannah@joneslogin.co.uk


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The Dyfed Choir is a Registered Charity - No 517205

© Copyright 2022 Côr Dyfed Choir. All rights reserved.




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